Monday, February 12, 2007

You clearly don't know Jack

Previously I mentioned how Jack Tretton, Sony's VP of Marketing for the US, and effective mouthpiece for that territory, was perhaps a little unclear on some of his facts, staing how the Wii was not backwards-compatable. The fact that the Wii reads Gamecube discs in addition to it's own, downloads games from every Nintendo home console before it, can play Megadrive and PC Engine games, and has the capacity to have this feature set expanded in future, had apaprently passed him by. This is an unfortunate slip if you are say, a farmer. But to be fair, if you're a farmer chances are it doesn't really interest or concern you.

The trouble comes when you are the VP of Marketing for Sony America. It's a bit of a problem then, because you've just proved that you're a complete imbecile, in a very public, Tech-savvy environment, namely Wired magazine, or Time for nerds, as it's often called. Once. By me.

You'd think, 'once bitten, twice shy', right. Not with Jack. He just blunders on, oblivious of the fact that, while Sony have always seemed arrogant, under his helmsmanship, they now seem both arrogant and stupid. I wouldn't be surprised if Phil Harrison, Executive Snake Oil Development Officer for Europe, started to pretend that the guys in the US were a different Sony, rather than deal with the fallout.

I want his job. I'm clearly more articulate, and with his constant attempts at sabotage, I clearly have more love for Sony.

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