Monday, February 19, 2007

As if by magic...

I realised I hadn't written anything about religion for at least a couple days, but then, nothing had mangaged to stoke my intolerance fires to incandescant levels. Until now.

I can't really elaborate on this story. Someone is dead because they all took a little bit too much advice from their imaginary friend. I'd like to pin this on Romania being backwards, but it's not a backwards nation in any way. There are exorcists in many developed countries. Just fucking insane. With no apologies to Jack Thompson whatsoever. He's not done anything batshit in ages, so suggesting that belief in exorcism as is misguided as his slanted crusade is the closest I can get to bitching about him.

Gotta take your yucks where you can get 'em. I'd also like Gillian McKeith to sue me, so here goes:

Gillian McKeith is an absolute abomination. When she's not just gibberring incoherently, she's suing people for pointing out that the nonsense she tries to pass as common sense (Chlorphyll providing oxygen to the body? Anyone with the slightest grasp of science would see the problem there), is in fact, totally, utterly wrong. She's wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong. I am of course hoping that her crack team of lawyers sit typing 'Mckeith + wrong' into search engines all day, looking for someone with a grasp of human biology to sue, purely on that basis.

For a good laugh, I suggest reading the published form of her Phd thesis, full of interesting facts, including referencing 'Health Food Store News'.

I'm bored. So, Gillian Mckeith is either a lying, or an idiot. Either way, please try to sue me. Please.

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