Thursday, February 22, 2007

And again, and again...

This is on CNN at the moment, and has been receiving a fairly large degree of coverage in the US media. I wish there was a day when I didn't have something like this to write about. Two kids kill a homeless man, then wipe their own crap on his corpse and poke him with a knife.

There was just enough reason left in their twisted head to know that if you mention the word 'videogame' to the police after something like this, it draws the attention away from you. Everyone loves a witch hunt! I'll be very keen to see if Jack Thompson steps into the fray with this one, particularly as the partner of one of the kids fathers has gone on record as saying it's just flat-out got fuck all to do with videogames.

I'm pretty sure he won't though. For Jack, one less homeless person is another tentative step towards his gleaming conservative paradise, where there will be no tramps, or black people, or any of that troublesome freedom of speech.

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