Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Not again...

I'd assumed when I 'relaunched' (connected to internet, upgraded to Google, started rambling about spam) that I would be able to update on a daily basis simply by writing something pithy about spam. I hadn't thought that I would be able to post on a negative article about games each and every day.

Here's today's. Kids banned from exercising because they're imitating games? Games are rough and kids are getting hurt? Usually, the form these rants of mine take are: several vaguely moderate sentences, then a punchline. Not today.

This is fucking madness. When I was a kid, I fell over and hurt myself. This was because I was tearing around the place pretending top be Optimus Prime, Batman, or whatever the hell had been on Saturday morning television that week.

It has taken a different form. Instead of kids explaining to teachers that they are 'playing Batman' , they're playing at being from whatever the fuck videogame kids like these days. And this scares the raging bejeesus out of people.

Here's the thing. Kids run about. They fall over, push each other, pull each others hair, fall out, make up, and all the other htings kids do. It has been so since time immerorial. If these people genuinely believe they have a place in the education of young children, why don't they learn the basic fucking principles of child development? This kind of competetive play is absolutely vital for developing motor skills, social skills, and to a large degree, self-confidence.

Without a hint of hyperbole, this makes me angry to the point where I am shaking and feel physically ill.

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R said...

Bugger me. Wasn't until I clicked the ink that I realised this story wasn't American. I am genuinely astounded.