Friday, April 25, 2008

Reasons To Be Cheerful.

Things that are currently leading to a bouyant mood:
  • William The Fucking Bull will be directing the Hobbit.

  • This song. It's the happiest miserable song ever.

  • The song 'Voodoo' by Spiral Beach. There's no good version online, as apparently some people still cling to such outmoded concepts as 'copyright'. Trust me though, it's brilliant. There's a crappy live recording on Youtube if you absolutely must.

  • This song.

Oh, and this image:

Yes. Geeking the fuck out now. I apologise for the tone, I know it'll have come as a shock to most. I promise the next post will be a particularly bilious spillage.


Mister Aedan said...

Cockpipe! The Dark Knight comes out the week after I fly back to Dubai. Hopefully the censors won't get too heavy-handed with the scissors when it eventually makes it here. Great poster though.

History suggests that either Batman or Iron Man is going to end up sucking though, since we're not usually allowed two good superhero movies in the same summer. I'm trying to lower my expectations accordingly, but I just can't.

I like the songs, I'm going to have that first one in my head for days now.

Mister Aedan said...

Oh, and having read the article: 2011 for the Hobbit? That still gives them entirely too much time to swap in Brett Ratner at the last minute. Any luck with those grenades?

Dave said...

This summer, we have an absolute glut of superhero movies, so those with more than minimal emotional investment from us need not suck purely to satisfy the gods of cosmic calamity.

The Incredible Hulk has a very strong chance of sucking. Though it is the first movie to feature a crossover, as Robert Downey Jr. is appearing in it as Iron Man, so they'd better not screw it up too hard, lest the taint takes.

Hellboy 2 won't suck. It has Ron Perlman, William The Fucking Bull and an army of giant magical robots. It should be very good indeed.

There's also Wanted, Speed Racer, and ever Hancock, all of which look to be ridiculous fun. So, should something need to be sacrificed to the Gods of sucky comic adaptations, let it be Hulk. Me and the other three guys who liked the Ang Lee film will be in stitches.