Friday, April 11, 2008

In Any Colour You Want.

There has been precious little zombie-orientated news here of late, and I can only apologise. Profusely.

I watched Black Sheep, and it's essentially everything you could expect from a movie about zombie sheep (and were-sheep), even if it's perhaps not everything you might want. It's funny, but not Braindead funny. It's clever, but not Braindead clever. It's gory, and I'm sure you get the idea, bright buttons that you are.

It was always set up as a spriritual succesor to Peter Jackson's gore epics, not necessarily the brightest move. Because, while it is a pretty good film all told, they seem to have been shooting for a 15 (or whatever the backwater equivalent is) and are just not prepared to invest in the sheer volume of high-velocity innards required to satisfy the sort of people that are the habitual audience of such films. Add to this some fairly unlikable characters, and a fundamental failure to grasp the fact that, just for two minutes of act three, your everyman / underdog hero must morph into Arnie circa The Running Man, and you have inevitable dissapointment.

Perhaps I just need to learn to switch off. Or start drinking like I used to.


Anonymous said...

In other zombie news which may be of interest to you..
My friends Mike and Rich, fuelled by an unholy mixture of Relentless and Jaegermeister have produced this

How is your gigantic f off finger?


Dave said...

LOLZOMBZ? Is that what we have here? I'm scared, but I guess it was inevitable, just like zombie apocalypse is.

My swearin' finger's getting better. It still hurts, and is a bit stiff, but if a weekend of shed-building in the cold and the rain didn't cause it to fall off, then I guess it's here for the long haul.