Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Don't Look Behind the Curtain, Dorothy.

According to a new book, President Bush does a lot of crying behind closed doors at The White House. It goes on to reveal the top causes of Presidential Temper Tantrums:

  • When Dick Cheney stood next to him in the big boys bathroom.

  • Not being allowed ice cream for breakfast

  • Unable to find Mr Snuffles (toy Scotty dog)

  • Not being allowed to stay up late to watch Texas Chainsaw Massacre on cable.

I would hope, though very much against hope, that he might have shed a tear when his administration ignored warning services for a full 24 hours and allowed the levees to break in New Orleans, reclassifying the disaster from a federal emergency into an 'act of God', and passing the buck onto insurance companies, that he might have shed the odd tear then. After all, they cost the lives of thousands of US citizens as a cost saving measure. Might just tug at the ol' heart strings, give perhaps a twinge of guilt?

Somehow I doubt it.

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