Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Audience Participation Time.

OK folks, I know you're reading this, but it's time to get over your fear of the comments field, because we face the greatest moral conundrum of our time, and we're going to have to put our heads together if we're to get anything like a working model.

My question, based on a real-life encounter (as in, I'm not making this up, not 'it didn't occur in World of Warcraft'), is this:

Is it OK to cross the road to avoid a middle-aged women in cut-off jeans who is singing along to whatever is on her discman (yes, discman) and is fucking dancing?

I want to know what you folks think. I'll let you scribble it down and then I'll tell you what I did. I judge you first. That's how this works.


Dave W said...

Avoidance is only acceptable if you are short on sharp, pointy sticks. Or fire.

Katie said...

Definitely. Although, saying that, I used to get this woman who would come in and ask for music like Abba or Thin Lizzy - but I think she was illiterate because she couldn't seem to tell what the albums were. I'd put the CDs on for her and she'd jump about, singing and dancing to it with her headphones on... creating an uncomfortable radius around her. Harmless, but so very, very odd.

But yes; I sympathise, and would do the same thing. That's a *scary* thing to do in public.

*should still reply to Frances' email...*