Sunday, December 17, 2006

Oh, and...

I should point out that one of the things I saw at Game On was the PS3. Probably one of the very first units in the country. It was running motorstorm, and for the entire time I was in that part of the hall, was played purely by two teenagers, who I think were Japanese. I mention this only because they seemed to be amused by our quaint and antiquated technology. In Japan they already have the PS4, which wires directly into the brain and into the testicles, for reasons they just will not explain.

For my part, I didn't get on. There was a queue for the whole 'next-gen' area, and I couldn't be fussed. Motorstorm looked OK, but had a pretty choppy framerate. I'm assuming that this was the downloadable demo made available for the North American launch of the machine, as the full release version is only out in Japan at the moment, and this was clearly in English. It looked like it could be fun, but it had some fairly poor graphics, and the framerate was unforgivably poor. I'm not leaping on the whole 30fps/60fps thing, but it looked plain ropey.

The Wii had a large crowd of young and old (literally, it seemed to be entirely kids playing with their parents), all of whom seemed to be enjoying it. It was only demonstrating Tennis from the Wii sports range, but it just kept people interested. It was strange and heartening to see people shunning the big mysterious PS3, which isn't out for at least three months, for the Wii, which is a commercially available machine. I guess it's still pretty new, but I'm going to be as flippant as I can.

On a similar note, how good is this?

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