Saturday, March 22, 2008

Mutineers Need Not Apply.

Due to an unfortunate volcano-related accident, the position of chief minion is once again open. To be in with a chance of attaining this desirable position within The Organisation, simply answer this question:

Now that I have a computer that works, what's good on the internet? Assume for a moment that I've been living a backwards existence with a 500MHz processor and a schizophrenic wireless card for five years. What's good in the world of Not Text?

Oh, and I've already heard of YouTube. No smartarses, thangyewverymuch.


redspiderlily said...

I can't quite work out what's going on in this entry but it manages to remind me of Chad Vader and Heroes at the same time.

Dave said...

It's a gag. The fabulous prize is a gag. There is a strong implication that I live in a volcano base, surrounded by minions, plotting the downfall of all mankind.

It's a gag.

Dave said...

A gag.