Wednesday, November 29, 2006

New ways of p(l)aying

I was sat pondering, as I so often do, what sort of a game to purchase next. A shot of the Ninja Gaiden update for the PS3 made me think of popping into Gamestation and picking up a cheap copy of Ninja Gaiden Black, on the assumption that this, the third time I would have purchased essentially the same game, the camera would work, and I wouldn't be reduced to tears at a series of inexplicable, unpreventable deaths that occured whilst my character was off-screen. At least that was the theory.

Then I saw that an online Co-op version of Double Dragon was being released on Live Arcade. That kind of made the decision for me - I would spend the miniscule amount of spare cash that Christmas allows me on Microsoft Points. Double Dragon isn't up yet (I don't know if Live Arcade Wednesdays are still in effect, but there have been shiny new things the last few Wednesdays) but I bought the new Oblivion expansion pack, and look forward to getting myself lost in that again. It also means I can throw myself into the cheaper, smaller bits and pieces I've been stockpiling for the time that I deem it neccesary to return to the game. I know it'll take away large chunks of my time. I kind of relish that though.

I'm also trying to sign up for the Shadowrun beta test on Live, but Microsoft Connect keeps crapping out on me. No huge loss if I can't, as by all accounts it's not great, but I would like to get a few beta tests under my belt, just to see how the whole process works.

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