Friday, November 17, 2006

And another thing...

Apparently the PS3 is no longer some sort of hypothetical joke, and has moved into the realm of being an actual joke. What's suprised me is how little noise the launch has made. It's barely noticeable, even in the gaming press. I looked on the BBC website this morning, and there was no sign of anything on the US launch. There was however, a natty article on the Wii right there on the front page.

Sony, having heavily criticised everything their competitors have ever done in a hilariously bullish manner, came out with this today, which is just hilarious. What's that Jack? The Wii has no backwards compatability? I think there are a few folks at the back who didn't hear you. Just brilliant. When your Vice President basically just comes out and lies, in a manner that's going to be fairly obvious to anyone reading WIRED FUCKING MAGAZINE, of all things, then you are in trouble. Now, he probably didn't do it deliberately, but if he doesn't know the facts (it plays all Gamecube games Jack, even takes the controllers and memory cards) then he shouldn't be speaking on the topic. And since he's being interviewed by the nature of backwards compatability by the premier tech magazine on the newsstands, you'd hope it's the sort of thing he'd brush up on. And since it isn't... why is this man Vice President of Sony America? Surely he'd be better off in some sort of circus, or masturbating for loose change down at the docks? I'm just putting it out there.

Resistance: Fall of Man is the only launch title getting any good press, which is unsurprising. An Untold Legends sequel? Really? Hmm... no. There seems to be a real dearth of quality software for Sony machines. It was four years into the lifespan of the PS2 before I bought one, and I'm someone who will pretty much buy a console for that one game i cannot be without. I still don't have a PSP. I'll let you know how my PS3 is circa 2009.

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