Friday, September 15, 2006

Time for Wii.

Apologies for the pun. With that out of the way...

It's been given a date, so that means it's actually coming. It's been given a price - £180. This seems to have induced the quickest backlash in the history, because this is about £30 more than the US bundle. But people have forgotten acouple of things:

1. The price for the American release doesn't include sales tax. The UK does. So our American cousins will actually be paying more than the stated $250.

2. We always get fucked in the eye a little bit in Europe. It 'getting fucked in the eye' terms, we're not doing too badly here. We've usually had to wait much longer than three weeks, AND pay much more than the other major territories. I really fail to see what the problem is.

Perhaps people have been spoiled by the 360 worldwide launch. Although this was met with much screaming and gnashing of teeth at the time. It was said that Microsoft should have waited until they could put out more units on the first day. As far as I'm concerned, the system worked perfectly - I got mine on day one, all my friends had to wait. I could phone them any time of the day or night and gloat. And I did. Absolutely perfect.

It's coming. It looks great. You don't even have to open the curtains to find out what the weather is.

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