Friday, September 15, 2006

The rough and the smooth (some thoughts on taking them)

So, it's going to cost £45 for a complete Wii controller. This is not a particularly good thing, particuarly in terms of luring in new gamers. The base unit is cheap, and games haven't had the artificial £10 "hey kids, welcome to the future" markup that Xbox 360 games have, so I can just about cope with it personally, but it hauls Wii gaming by the gonads out of the mainstream, and dumps it in the naughty corner with the Oric enthusiasts. I think this might harm Nintendo more than naming it's console after an aqueous solution of urea.

But here's the rub. It's going to cost trivial, inconsequential amounts to play classic games. £5 for a perfect port of a SNES game? To play on my great big TV? On a classic (styled) pad that isn't knackered and covered in 12 years of pad skank?

Yes, I'll take some of that. I'm a big fan of Live Arcade, but the games really aren't there yet. A back catalogue of Nintendo and Sega games? That'll do boys, that'll do.

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