Monday, November 05, 2007

Vital Information.

For those of you who have an interest in the American political process, or more specifically just how painful it is to watch it from within, then may I direct you to the mighty Gin and Tacos. Funny and savage, it's well worth a read. Observe:

"... I would like to recommend one of my favorite pieces of public opinion research, one that goes a long way toward understanding why our national political discourse is one step above a throng of retards slap-fighting in a mud puddle."

I've learnt some important things today, myself. One is that the new Wombats album is pretty fucking good. It has all the handclaps, la la la's and closed harmonies I expect from pop-leaning indie, along with some spiky guitars and amusing lyrics about doing stupid things and getting dumped for it. I proclaim it to be delightful.

The other thing I've learnt, and will pass on in case it's any use to anyone is this: if you've split your middle finger in two with a blunt knife, it can't hurt to lower your typing speed. It doesn't make you any less of a man. Knocking bloody chunks out of your hand though, quite literally, does.


Mister Aedan said...

Gin and Tacos is "blocked due to its content being inconsistent with the religious, cultural, political and moral values of the United Arab Emirates."

I'd call the censors a bunch of narrow-minded Mohammedan bastards, but they'd probably shut down my blog and cancel my work permit. So I won't.

Dave said...

What, those fuckers are blocked, and I'm not? And you're not?


Mister Aedan said...

Ah, censorship envy. Give it time... try posting a few Mohammed cartoons or something.