Saturday, October 27, 2007

Web 2.Ohforfuckssakepeoplearecretins

The IMDB is a tremendous resource. For the nerd who simply must know every little tiny bit of movie trivia, it is indispensable. It recently added a new user-generated feature, however, that is hurting me in the soul and a few other places.

You can now nominate plot keywords for movies, so that people can browse for things they like to see in movies. Here's an example:

1990s / Vomit Scene / Civil War / Border Crossing / Jeep.

Wow. Because I'm betting the guy who searched for '1990's' and 'Vomit Scene' was of course looking for Three Kings, a fairly harrowing black comedy about the first Gulf War, and definitely not looking for really weird porn.

Let's try another:

Mustache / Corpse / Limousine / Split Personality / Fashion

Give up? It is, of course, Batman Begins. Those are the five words that most adequately sum up that film.

So here it is folks. Audience participation time again. I want you to look the single most preposterous set of keywords for any movie on the IMDB. A pat on the back for the winner. Not an actual one, but an internet one. Which is better.


Mister Aedan said...

Anti-Semitism, Destroyer, Soup, Captain, Dishwashing - Battleship Potemkin

Serum, Social Commentary, Impalement, Cabinet Officer, Wheelchair - X-Men 3

Wilhelm Scream, Hyperspace, Anti-Hero, Wuxia Fiction, Neck Breaking Scene - Star Wars

kirsty said...

Anal Rape, Anal Probe, Closet Homosexual, Nose Hair, Redneck - Satan Eats Lunch..
Nose hair?

Oliver said...

Illegitimate Son / Asthma / Repeated Line / Quitting Smoking / Impossible Love - Superman Returns