Friday, August 03, 2007

No, we are just King.

Anyone who knows me has seen the powerful love I hold for Katamari Damacy. It's one of the few things that warms the cockles of my usually joyless black heart.


Katie said...

Why did we never establish or discuss the fact that our feeling on this was mutual?! I guess it was just so obvious that we didn't need to acknowledge it at all; we just Knew. ;P

On another note, I will emerge from my dreadful anti-social state eventually and come over your house or something. I'm sorry I've been such an utter hermit; I'm not a complete social climber, honest.

...I hope. ;/

Dave said...

I just assume any geek types with Japan-ish leanings love Katamari. How could they not?

When you finally feel able to stumble blindly into the light, it would be good to see you. My house is full of boxes at the moment, but on the plus side, it's much less filthy and decrepit.